Trumpcare Threatens The Health And Future Of Young People

Millennials have seen dramatic gains in health insurance coverage since passage of the ACA, more so than any other age demographic. Instead of building on these historic gains, Trumpcare would have devastating effects on young people.

Trumpcare harms young people by eliminating the current tax credit that helps many young people purchase insurance. According to Young Invincibles, low- and moderate-income young individuals would pay more under Trumpcare than under current law, ultimately impacting over 4 million young people and harming the lowest-income young people the most. On top of that, Trumpcare allows insurers to impose penalties on those who experience gaps in coverage. Who is most likely to experience a gap in health coverage because of a move or a job transition? Young adults. In fact, as many as one-third of young people between the ages of 19 and 34 could face this 30 percent coverage gap surcharge under Trumpcare.

Trumpcare would also mean less access to quality coverage for young adults. Despite the assumption that young people are healthier, an estimated 31 million young adults are living with a pre-existing condition. Keep in mind ? before the ACA, people were routinely denied coverage or charged higher rates based on a pre-existing condition. That doesn?t mean just illnesses like cancer, but even allergies, anorexia, or being a survivor of domestic violence. Under Trumpcare, these 31 million young adults would lose guaranteed insurance to cover the medical care they need. Out-of-pocket spending for key services for young adults, such as maternity coverage, mental health care, STD counseling and screenings, and substance use treatment, could increase by thousands of dollars per year ? leaving financially-strapped young people to face high out-of-pocket costs they simply cannot afford.

As young people continue to face a host of financial challenges ? student loan debt, saving for retirement or saving up to buy a house, looking for a job, among others ? security in health insurance is paramount. I believe that we should do more to improve the financial security of the more than 200,000 young people in my Congressional district, not threaten their health coverage.

Trumpcare will threaten the health and future of young people across the country.

Representative Adriano Espaillat (NY-13) is a member of the Committee on Education and the Workforce.

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Here’s The First Photo Teasing ‘Westworld’ Season 2

?Westworld? will not just take place in the ?West? next season. The first season?s finale revealed the existence of a shogun/samurai-style theme park and co-showrunner Lisa Joy has confirmed that the show will ?ultimately encounter other worlds.?

By ending the first season in the potential decimation of the ?West?-themed park, along with the hints at moving the focus elsewhere, it hasn?t been entirely clear that the second season would even still take place in the setting that the show?s name implies.

But coming through to address your speculation, actress Evan Rachel Wood ? who plays Dolores Abernathy on ?Westworld? ? just shared an enigmatic photo on Instagram that suggested her character will continue to be dressed for the ?West.? 

?Corset training has started again,? wrote Wood. ?Which can only mean one thing. A certain TV show is starting again very soon…. ?? ..?

Let?s go over the definitely real clues about Season 2 we can assume based on this Instagram.

The show isn?t supposed to return before 2018, but Wood?s statement of ?very soon? may imply the scheduled return could be early in the year. The ?corset training? probably isn?t a quick process, though ? any fitness guru knows you can?t get results overnight.

And we definitely have to note here that there appear to be 22 hook-and-eye closures going up this corset. The number 22 could imply the concept of ?doubles,? an idea ?Westworld? flirted with as the show introduced robot clones. The number of closures here almost certainly is purposefully revealing that there is at least one more Dolores roaming around. Definitely.

What other clues about Season 2 can you spot in Wood?s Instagram?

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Why Can’t You Just Be On Time?

By Jim Smith, UCF Forum columnist

Imagine going to any public event and a fight breaks out over saving seats. This was just the case recently in Memphis, TN, at the Arlington High School graduation ceremony held at a church. The embarrassing story and video went national.

It seems one family was saving seats for someone, but when another family tried to sit in them there were angry words and fists flying before security stepped in. This was all happening while the Arlington senior class was walking in and the ceremony had already started.

Saving seats is a long-standing practice and normally does not cause a problem of this magnitude for either party involved. But there is always the awkward feeling when some of your party are not there and you are trying to save them seats ? and those you have informed that you are saving seats angrily move to another area to sit.

And then there is the situation when you have saved seats for your friends or family and they do not even bother to show up or call.

Can?t we as adults stop these situations from happening?

When you coordinate a group for anything there will be differences of opinion on what is meant by arriving early, arriving on time and arriving late. Even when you spell it out in advance there can be a different understanding of the time schedule.

For example, my family gathers for vacations once or twice a year and we plan to leave together from one location for the trip. Invariably, there are early risers who sit and wait for everyone else to arrive. Then there are those who arrive with a few minutes to spare, as well as those who arrive right at the time we plan to leave. Finally, there are some who arrive late and we have to wait on them before departure.

Of course, the price for those who arrive late is that everyone reminds them of their tardiness at every opportunity during the trip. Ah, yes? family fun!

Are there remedies to this problem? Do you give those who chronically run late an earlier time to meet? Or do you wait to go in to an event until everyone in your party arrives?

I have experienced group dinners at restaurants where you are not seated until your entire party arrives. Perhaps this could be the solution. What if these families in Memphis were not admitted to the graduation ceremony until everyone arrived? Would that help or make the situation more difficult? Would the tardy family have arrived earlier if they knew of this type of policy?

Show some maturity. Before you gather for special occasions of any kind, try to work on communication and cooperation by all parties involved so there is no reason for arguments when someone is saving seats for others who could not arrive on time.

Plan ahead. Enjoy the event and savor the memory ? not the black eye from a fistfight or ripped clothes from a shoving match that could have been avoided.

Jim Smith is assistant director of the UCF Valencia Osceola Campus. He can be reached at

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